Sharp Microelectronics

Sharp Microelectronics is a world leader in memory ICs, regulators, and optoelectronics. Sharp Microelectronics' parts and products pack the most performance into the smallest dimensions. The components, component packaging, and integration skills Sharp Microelectronics developed help thousands of design engineers bring their own ambitious ideas to market.

Newest Products by Sharp Microelectronics

  • GH05230H2K Green Laser Diode GH05230H2K Green Laser Diode

    11.10.2022 520nm (±5nm) laser diode optimized for biomedical applications and laser projection.

  • Snímač doby letu (ToF) GP2AP Snímač doby letu (ToF) GP2AP

    28.05.2020 Toto komplexní zařízení o rozměrech 4,0 mm × 2,2 mm × 1,5 mm kombinuje integrovaný detektor SPAD s infračervenou emisní laserovou diodou IR-VCSEL.