Altech TR Series Circuit Breakers

Altech TR Series Circuit Breakers are UL1077 recognized supplementary protectors that offer 0.1A to 16A current rating range. These circuit breakers feature thermal ‘TO’ trip-free method of tripping. The TR circuit breakers operate at 60°C maximum ambient temperature. These circuit breakers offer 1W to 2W power loss range. The TR circuit breakers are ideal for use in the protection of control transformers, UPS, power strips, and solenoids.


  • Thermal TO trip-free method of tripping
  • Reset Type R actuation
  • CSA 22.2 No. 235-04, UL-1077, and EN 60934 application standards
  • TR11 series:
    • 1000 cycles of operational life
  • TR20 series:
    • Silver alloy contact material
    • Copper alloy terminal material
    • Thermoplastic/thermoset housing material


  • TR11 series:
    • 240VAC rated voltage
    • 11g approximate weight
  • TR20 series:
    • 125/125VAC rated voltage 
    • 2.5kV impulse withstand voltage
    • 17g approximate weight
  • 0.1A to 16A standard current rating range
  • 1W to 2W power loss range
  • 60°C maximum ambient operating temperature
  • 1.5kV dielectric strength per minute


  • Protection of control transformers
  • UPS
  • Power strips
  • Solenoids

Operating Characteristics

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