TE Connectivity Hand Tools

TE Connectivity's hand tools include a wide variety of tools for manual tooling or something with more power. TE Standard Die Envelope (SDE) dies can be used across platforms from manual to pneumatic to battery-powered as a user's needs change. TE also carries insertion/extraction tools, tools for IDC, networking applications, and more.

TE CERTI-CRIMP hand tools are premium, hand-operated tools for crimping a broad array of TE terminals, contacts, and special wiring devices. These tools are designed to exact specifications for consistent, high-quality terminations. There are currently seven basic styles of CERTI-CRIMP hand tools. The choice depends on the product being applied.

TE PRO-CRIMPER Hand Tool offers maximum flexibility for lab, factory, or field use. Purposefully designed with enhanced ergonomics, PRO-CRIMPER utilizes a thin, comfortable handle profile with improved tool geometry for longer life, stronger tool. The PRO-CRIMPER is manufactured with precision stamping that permits close tolerance controls on critical parts for better performance and repeatability.

TE Insertion/Extraction tools let users insert discrete terminals into connector housing or remove them without causing damage to either the terminal of housings. The new standard design of these tools features a comfortable handle and snap-in/out protective cover that allows users to stow the business end of the tool to help protect from inadvertent personal injury when the tools are not in use.


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