Molex Pre-Crimped Leads

Molex Pre-Crimped Leads are a simple and cost-effective solution for any pre-production or prototype requirements. They are available in female-to-female and male-to-male configurations with lengths of 75mm to 600mm. All pre-crimped leads are fully tested and available for the most popular Molex connector families. The leads are crimped on both ends, enabling use in wire-to-wire applications. The leads can also be cut for use in wire-to-board applications.


  • Pre-crimped and fully tested cables decrease time to market
  • Available in 75mm to 600mm lengths
  • UL-listed cables with high-quality approved materials
  • Leads are crimped on both ends
    • Allows for wire-to-wire applications
    • Allows for wire-to-board applications when cut in half

High Reliability

Machined contacts


Up to 300V maximum voltage
221960-1126 and 221960-2126 Pre-Crimped Leads

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