Molex NeoPress High-Speed Mezzanine System

Molex NeoPress High-Speed Mezzanine System creates design flexibility on space-constrained PCBs with tunable differential pairs, low stack heights, and compliant-pin terminations while producing data rates up to 28Gbps. The Molex NeoPress High-Speed Mezzanine System has been designed to employ compliant-pin termination while minimizing near-end and far-end crosstalk to match the signal integrity of NeoScale SMT Connector. The compliant pin allows engineers to redesign the board when needed and maximize its use without losing signal integrity.


  • 252 (loaded) circuits
  • 252 (maximum) circuits
  • Resin black color
  • 100 maximum cycles of durability
  • 6 rows
  • Mating interface 3.50mm pitch
  • Mating 0.762μm plating
  • Termination 1.270μm plating
  • Stackable
  • -55°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • Termination Interface: Style through-hole
  • 1.0A maximum current per contact
  • Maximum 30VAC (RMS) voltage rating


  • Industrial automation
  • Controller personality cards
  • Telecommunications/networking
  • Hubs
  • NAS towers
  • Rackmount servers
  • Servers

Comparison to Mezzanine Products

Chart - Molex NeoPress High-Speed Mezzanine System


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