Microchip Technology ATEVK-MXT799TAT maXTouch Evaluation Kit

Microchip Technology ATEVK-MXT799TAT maXTouch Evaluation Kit is a demonstration platform and reference design for the MXT799T-A maXTouch Touchscreen Controller. The ATEVK-MXT799TAT Kit includes a dedicated sensor with a flex connector and an electronic control board. A converter board connects from SPI or I2C to a USB interface to enable easy connectivity to a host PC. The maXTouch Studio Development System Integrated Development Platform (IDP) enables developing and debugging with maXTouch devices.


  • Includes Host Software and maXTouch Studio Light Development Tool
  • Sensor Details:
    • 9" Diagonal (8:3)
    • ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Glass G2 Touch Panel
    • 1.1mm Glass Cover Lens

Key Features of maxTouch Studio

• Communication to all devices for read, write and debug functions
• Different levels of access to tools
• Ability to create and update tools
• Remotely share projects/files between users
• Device firmware upgrade capability
• Automatic links for device and datasheet/protocol guide
• Android utility support

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