MaxLinear GPY21x Evaluation Boards

MaxLinear GPY21x Evaluation Boards are 2.5G PHY boards that are designed to evaluate the GPY211, GPY212, and GPY215 Ethernet transceivers. The GPY21x loop-back board features an EMI performance from 3db to 4dB under class B four-layer PCB. The GPY21x SPF demo board provides rate adaptation, SGMII preamble adjustment, fixes MAC rate with different TP speeds, and LED light control. The GPY21x SPF module offers an SGMII data interface and Management Data Input/Output (MDC/MDIO) and I2C control interface. 


  • GPY21x loop-back board:
    • 2-layer design reduces PCB costs
    • Comparable performance to a four-layer PCB
    • EMI performance from 3dB to 4dB under class B four-layer PCB
  • GPY21x SPF module:
    • SGMII data interface
    • MDC/MDIO and I2C control interface
  • GPY21x SPF demo board:
    • Rate adaptation
    • Fix MAC rate with different TP speed
    • Auto EEE without MAC control
    • SGMII preamble adjustment
    • 3.3V single power source
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