Littelfuse Off-Highway Electric Vehicle Solutions

Littelfuse provides a wide range of solutions for off-highway electric vehicles. These electric vehicles share a similar architecture and have a power range from 48V to 400V. Off-highway electric vehicles include electric forklifts, golf carts, three-wheelers, tow tractors, compactors, and excavators.

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Littelfuse Off-Highway Electric Vehicle Solutions

Electric Vehicle Powertrain Architecture

Littelfuse Off-Highway Electric Vehicle Solutions

On Board Charger & Battery + BMS

Littelfuse Off-Highway Electric Vehicle Solutions

LC HEV Automotive Fuses                                                                             IX4351NE Gate Drivers

Mega®70V DC Fuses                                                                                     X Class Power MOSFETs

AUMOV Varistors                                                                                            X2 Class Power MOSFETs

Pxx0FNL Thyristor Surge Protection Devices                                                 LSIC1MO120E0080 MOSFET

CG2 Gas Discharge Tubes                                                                              LSIC1MO120E0120 MOSFET

CG3 Gas Discharge Tubes                                                                              438A Surface-Mount Fuses

TPSMB ESD Suppressors                                                                               441A-Compliant SMD Fuses

TPSMC ESD Suppressors                                                                               DCNEV High-Voltage DC Contactor Relays

SZ1SMC TVS Diodes                                                                                       DCNLEV High-Voltage DC Contactor Relays

SZ1SMB TVS Diodes                                                                                       KC NTC Thermistors

AW24CANA TVS Diodes                                                                                  LC NTC Thermistors

IXD_6xxSI Gate Drivers                                                                                   SZP6SMB TVS Diodes

IX4340NE Gate Driver

12V Battery 6 PDU & DC/DC Converter

Littelfuse Off-Highway Electric Vehicle Solutions

95060 Ignition Switches                                                                                 IXD_6xxSI Gate Drivers

Zcase Fuses                                                                                                  IX4340NE Gate Driver

FHZ Fuse Holders                                                                                          IX4351NE Gate Drivers

SLD8S TVS Diodes                                                                                        X Class Power MOSFETs

HWB60 DC Power Distribution Modules                                                        X2 Class Power MOSFETs

HWB18 DC Power Distribution Modules                                                        LSIC1MO120E0080 SiC MOSFET

08010100 Battery Disconnect Switch                                                             LSIC1MO120E0120 SiC MOSFET

08099100 Battery Disconnect Switch                                                             DSAxx Diodes

AQ24CANA TVS Diode Array                                                                          LSIC2SD Diodes

TPSMB TVS Diodes                                                                                        DHG Diodes

SZ1SMB TVS Diodes                                                                                      DSEI Diodes

Traction Motor Inverter & Junction Box

Littelfuse Off-Highway Electric Vehicle Solutions

Trench XPT IGBTs                                                                                         MIDI 70V Fuses 

Planar IGBTs                                                                                                  DCNEV High-Voltage DC Contactor Relays

MIXA450PF1200TSF IGBT                                                                            DCNLEV High-Voltage DC Contactor Relays

Mega®70V Fuses

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