KYOCERA AVX OxiCap NOS Low ESR Capacitors

KYOCERA AVX OxiCap® NOS Capacitors are low ESR niobium oxide (NbO) capacitors offer non-burn technology. Other features include a CV range of 10µF to 1000µF / 1.8V to 6.3V and reliability level of 0.2% / 1000 hours. KYOCERA AVX OxiCap NOS Capacitors provide enhanced reliability, a wide temperature range, and low leakage current, making them ideal for automotive applications. The noise-free performance and stability over temperature offer designers sound quality for car audio devices.


  • Low ESR NbO capacitors
  • Non-burn safe technology
  • Reliability level: 0.2%/1000 hrs.
  • 10µF to 1000µF / 1.8V to 6.3V CV range
  • 9 case sizes available
  • IBM global approval received in 2004
  • Elektra Award received in 2005
  • Meets requirements of AEC-Q200
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range


  • Medium power DC/DC
    • Automotive
    • Other transportation
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