KYOCERA AVX 900C X7R Ceramic Low ESR RF Power Multilayer Caps

KYOCERA AVX 900C X7R Ceramic Low ESR RF Power Multilayer Capacitors exhibit high volumetric efficiency, providing high levels of capacitance for HF/RF power applications. This KYOCERA AVX 900C series offers a 0.01µF to 1µF capacitance range, working voltage range of 100WVDC to 300WVDC, and an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. The ceramic construction provides a rugged, hermetic package and an encapsulated (leaded style only) option is available for applications requiring extended protection against arc-over and corona.


  • Case C size
  • Low ESR/ESL
  • Rugged construction
  • 0.01µF to 1µF capacitance range
  • Mid-K
  • High reliability
  • Encapsulated option available (leaded styles only)
  • Horizontal or vertical electrode orientation options
  • Meets/exceeds the requirements of EIA-198, MIL-PRF-55681, and MIL-PRF-123
  • RoHS compliant


  • Circuit
    • HR/RF power amplifiers
    • Switching power supplies
    • High-frequency SMPS filters
    • Medical equipment
  • Functional
    • Bypass
    • Couling
    • DC blocking


  • 2.5% maximum dissipation factor at 1KHz
  • <±15% temperature coefficient of capacitance in the -55°C to +125°C range
  • Insulation resistance at the rated WVDC
    • 1000MΩ minimum at +25°C
    • 100MΩ minimum at +125°C
  • 100WVDC to 300WVDC working voltage range
  • ±10%, ±20%, and ±30% capacitance tolerance options
  • 2% typical dielectric absorption
  • 3% maximum aging effects per decade hour
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range with no derating of the WVDC
  • 2000-hour life at +125°C with 200% of the WVDC applied
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