Bussmann / Eaton SR-5 Micro Fuses

Bussmann / Eaton SR-5 Micro Fuses provide a compact option for primary circuit protection. The round SR-5 micro-fuses offer equivalent product performance to typical 5mm glass fuses with a 60% footprint reduction. The thru-hole mounted SR-5 micro-fuses are a cost-effective alternative to traditional electronic ferrule fuses. Bussmann / Eaton SR-5 Micro Fuses carry a diverse offering of fast-acting and time-delay options in both IEC and UL designs.


  • Radial leaded time-delay thru-hole fuse
  • Designed to IEC 60127-3, Sheet 4
  • Internationally accepted for primary and secondary overcurrent protection
  • Place directly into PCB or plug into BK/PCS holder
  • High inrush withstand capability
  • Compatible with leaded and lead-free reflow and wave solder
Zveřejněno: 2010-04-13 | Aktualizováno: 2022-03-11