Bussmann / Eaton 3216FF & 3216TD Chip Fuses

Bussmann / Eaton 3216FF and 3216TD Chip Fuses are reflow and wave solder compatible with excellent environmental integrity. 3216FF fuses are AEC-Q200 qualified and offer a surface mount design. 3216TD fuses are time-delay, surface mount fuses and offer high inrush withstand capability and wire-in-air performance. Bussmann / Eaton 3216FF and 3216TD Chip Fuses protect against harmful overcurrents in secondary applications and offer high inrush-withstand capability.


  • 3216FF Fuses
    • AEC-Q200 qualified (250mA to 7A)
    • Fast-acting surface mount fuse
    • Ratings up to 30A
    • Excellent temperature and cycling characteristics
    • Compatible with reflow and wave solder
  • 3216TD Fuses
    • Time-delay and surface mount fuse
    • RoHS compliant, lead-free, and halogen-free
    • High-inrush withstand capability
    • Wire-in-Air performance
    • Compatible with leaded and lead-free reflow and wave solder
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