Carling Technologies V-Series Contura Rotary Switch

Carling Technologies V-Series Contura Rotary Switch translates rotary to linear motion, allowing for common switch functionality and terminal connections requiring no harness change. A secondary CAM allows definitive detent positions, preventing the switch from stopping between two positions while improving tactile feel. Carling V-Series Rotary Switch supports up to three LEDs and surface mount resistors with an IP67 rating. The V-Series Contura Rotary Switch is designed for maximum performance, reliability and leverages the features of the widely popular V-Series Contura Rocker Switch.


  • Accommodates up to three separate LEDs
  • Patented mechanism translates rotary into linear motion
  • Secondary CAM for definitive detent positions
  • PC Board supports LED and surface mount resistors
  • IP67 sealing protection above panel
  • Common terminal and circuit functionality with V-Series rocker switches, with no harness change required


  • On-/off-highway equipment
  • Marine
  • Test and measurement
  • Instrumentation
  • Speed control


  • 1500VRMS dielectric strength
  • 50MΩ insulation resistance
  • 10mΩ max @ 4VDC initial contact resistance
  • 6.3mm quick connect terminals
  • Life
    • 50,000 cycles two position
    • 25,000 cycles two position momentary and all-three position

Design Features

Carling Technologies V-Series Contura Rotary Switch
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