Broadcom AUV3-Sxx2-0xx0K Surface Mount UV LEDs

Broadcom AUV3-Sxx2-0xx0K Surface Mount UV LEDs are energy-efficient LEDs featuring high driving current and efficient heat dissipation resulting in a better performance in reliability. These LEDs have a low-profile package design that addresses a wide variety of applications where superior robustness and high efficiency are required. The quartz lens on top of the package provides the product longevity needed for the respective end applications. The AUV3-Sxx2-0xx0K LEDs offer high-radiant flux output using InGaN dice technology. These LEDs are compatible with the reflow soldering process. Typical applications include industrial curing and photocatalyst purification.


  • High-reliability package with quartz encapsulation
  • High-radiant flux output using InGaN dice technology
  • Available in 360nm to 400nm wavelength range
  • Available in 35° and 60° viewing angles
  • Compatible with the reflow soldering process


  • Industrial curing
  • Photocatalyst purification

Package Drawing (mm)

Mechanical Drawing - Broadcom AUV3-Sxx2-0xx0K Surface Mount UV LEDs
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