Broadcom ASMM-Cx03 Surface-Mount LEDs

Broadcom ASMM-Cx03 Surface-Mount LEDs offer high-reliability performance in an industry-standard PLCC-2 package and are designed to work under a range of environmental conditions. The series provides a wide viewing angle of 120° and high brightness using AlGaAs, GaP, and AllnGaP dice technologies. The flat-top emitting surface makes it easy for these LEDs to integrate with light pipes. Broadcom ASMM-Cx03 Surface-Mount LEDs are ideally suited for panel-, push-button, and general backlighting in office equipment, industrial equipment, and home appliances. The series can also be used as LED pixels in indoor electronic signs, using the built-in reflector to enhance the light output intensity.


  • Industry-standard PLCC-2 package
  • Wide-angle viewing angle at 120°
  • High brightness using AlGaAs, GaP, and AllnGaP dice technologies
  • Available in full selection of colors
  • High-reliability LED package with enhanced silicone resin encapsulation
  • JEDEC moisture sensitivity level (MSL) 3


  • Lighting and luminaires
  • Electronic signs and signals
  • Channel lettering
  • Contour lighting
  • Advertisement board backlighting
  • Office automation, home appliances, and industrial equipment
    • Front-panel backlighting
    • Push-button backlighting
    • Display backlighting
    • Scanner lighting
Zveřejněno: 2019-09-23 | Aktualizováno: 2023-06-28