Broadcom AEAT-8800-Q24 Angular Magnetic Encoder

Broadcom AEAT-8800-Q24 Angular Magnetic Encoder is a sophisticated 10b to 16b programmable encoder IC. This encoder features a robust architecture to measure and deliver both absolute and incremental signals. The AEAT-8800-Q24 encoder includes integrated hall sensor elements with complex analog and digital signal processing. This magnetic encoder operates with 5V or 3.3V input voltages and features a three-wire SSI interface for absolute output. The AEAT-8800-Q24 encoder offers a selectable zero latency mode options to reduce latency near zero and user-programmable zero position.

The AEAT-8800-Q24 angular magnetic encoder is RoHS compliant and is available in a compact 5mm x 5mm QFN-24 leads package. Typical applications include three-phase commutation for a brushless DC motor, resolver, industrial automation, robotics, textiles equipment, and industrial sewing machine.


  • 5V or 3.3V input voltage
  • Three-wire SSI interface for absolute output
  • Incremental ABI and UVW pins out
  • PWM output modes
  • User-programmable zero position, direction, and index pulse width
  • Programmable hysteresis
  • Easy alignment and calibration mode


  • Absolute 10b to 16b resolution
  • Incremental output resolutions 32 to 4096 CPR
  • 1 to 8 pole pairs UVW output
  • 40°C to 125°C wide operating temperature


  • Brushless DC motor and stepper motor
  • Resolver and potentiometer replacement
  • Industrial automation and robotics
  • Industrial sewing machine and textiles equipment
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