Arduino AKX00015 CTC Go Kit

Arduino AKX00015 CTC Go Kit is an educational program with several modules that can be combined to teach different STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) subjects. These modules offer an education that includes a complete cross-cultural program with the use of technology as a tool. This AKX00015 kit comes with Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 boards, 8 Arduino educational shields, a full set of sensors and electronic components, assembly pieces, and storage boxes for the classroom. The CTC Go kit allows e-learning access with teachers and students training.

Kit Contents

  • 8 Arduino UNO WiFi Rev2 boards
  • 8Arduino educational shields
  • Two different sizes of breadboards for each board
  • Set of electronic components
  • Set of sensors
  • Set of batteries
  • Media and storage 
  • Set of cables
  • Assembly pieces
  • Student group boxes
  • Additional components


  • Educational program with several modules on STEAM subjects
  • One kit is tailored for 24 students and three teachers
  • Come with a toolbox, online platform, and premium training and support
  • Arduino online support included
  • Implements Project-Based Learning (PBL)
  • Allows 8 exciting Arduino projects
  • Full access to the Arduino educators community

Product Overview

Arduino AKX00015 CTC Go Kit
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