Anderson Power Products Saf-D-Grid® Power Connectors

Anderson Power Products Saf-D-Grid® Power Connectors offer a 30A to 40A current range, 400VAC/DC to 600VAC/DC voltage, and have the footprint of an IEC 620 C13/14. The Saf-D-Grid Power Connector from Anderson Power Products have an innovative design in plug and receptacles that features a touch safe shell with shock protection and a first mate/last break ground contact for a more secure and safe connection. Saf-D-Grid 400V series targets DC applications and is also rated for AC current with a single keying configuration, while the 300V series is ideal for AC applications and is rated for DC current and has multiple mechanical keys. The Saf-D-Grid Power Connectors have power handling capability for 32A and are hot-plug rated for both electronic (capacitive) and electrical (resistive) loads.


  • First mate/last break ground contact
  • Integral latch
  • Hot plug rated
  • Touch safe/shock protection
  • Arcing protection


  • AC and DC applications
  • Harsh environments


  • Carrying DC or AC current up to 32A and 600V
  • Footprint of an IEC 620 C13/14
  • Meets international safety requirements for hazardous, low-voltage applications
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