Analog Devices Inc. ADM3202Ax High-Speed Transceivers

Analog Devices ADM3202Ax High-Speed Transceivers operate on a +3.3V power supply making them ideal for battery-powered portable instruments. These 2-channel RS-232/V.28 transceivers operate at data rates up to 460kbps. Four external 0.1µF charge pump capacitors are used for the voltage doubler/inverter. The devices' EN input can be used to three-state the receiver outputs. The SD input is used to power down the charge pump and transmitter outputs, reducing the quiescent current to less than 0.5µA. The receivers remain enabled during the shutdown unless disabled using EN.


  • 460kbps data rate
  • Specified at +3.3V
  • Meets EIA-232E specifications
  • 0.1µF charge pump capacitors
  • PDIP, SOIC_N, SOIC_W, SSOP, and TSSOP packaging options
  • Upgrade for MAX3222/MAX3232 and LTC1385
  • ESD protection to IEC 1000-4-2 (801.2) on RS-232 pins (ADM3202 only)
  • ±8kV contact discharge
  • ±15kV air gap discharge


  • General-purpose RS-232 data link
  • Portable instruments
  • Printers, palmtop computers, PDAs

Block Diagram

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