Analog Devices Inc. LTC5562 LF-7GHz Active Mixers

Analog Devices LTC5562 Active Mixers are low-power, high-performance active double-balanced mixers capable of 50Ω matching over a very wide 30MHz to 7GHz frequency range. The LTC5562 Mixers run on a single 3.3V supply rail, draw a 40mA nominal operating current, and offer a 1dB conversion gain. If lower power operation is required, the designer can configure the LTC5562 to operate with supply current as low as 15mA. When disabled, the device draws only 10μA supply current. Rated at +20dBm OIP3 with a 3.6GHz frequency, the LTC5562 Active Mixers also offer exceptional dynamic performance.

The LTC5562 Active Mixers require only –1dBm of LO power to deliver excellent noise performance with low distortion. LTC5562 maintains the impedance match for the LO input during shutdown. With a low LO leakage, the LTC5562 devices greatly reduce the need for output filtering to meet LO suppression requirements.

LTC5562’s combination of low-power broadband operation, low LO leakage, low distortion, and robust dynamic range make the devices ideal for a wide range of portable and transportable RF applications. These versatile mixers can be used in either upconverting or downconverting applications.


  • 7GHz wideband frequency range
  • 2.7V to 3.6V power, 40mA supply
  • Supply current adjustable down to 15mA
  • Up or downconversion
  • OIP3: +20dBm at 3.6GHz
  • +1dB conversion gain
  • -4dBm to +2dBm low LO drive
  • LF to 9GHz matched LO frequency
  • -30dBm at 5.8GHz low LO-RF leakage
  • LO impedance match maintained during shutdown
  • DC to 7GHz differential IF frequency
  • Enable control, 10μA shutdown current
  • 2kV ESD (HBM and CDM)
  • -40°C to +105°C operation
  • 2mm × 2mm 10-Lead QFN package


  • Portable radios
  • Portable test instruments
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Fixed wireless access equipment
  • VHF and UHF mixer
  • Wireless repeaters

Typical Application

Application Circuit Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. LTC5562 LF-7GHz Active Mixers
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