Analog Devices Inc. LT7182S Dual-Output Step-Down Regulator

Analog Devices Inc. LT7182S Dual-Output Step-Down Regulator is a dual-output monolithic PolyPhase DC/DC synchronous step-down regulator. It can simultaneously deliver up to 6A of continuous current from both channels and support loads up to 8A from either channel. The LT7182S features the second generation Silent Switcher® architecture with integrated VIN bypass capacitors for fast, clean, low-overshoot switching edges delivering high efficiency at high switching frequencies while minimizing EMI emissions.

The I2C-based PMBus 1.3 compliant serial interface enables control of device functions and provides telemetry information for system monitoring. The Analog Devices LT7182S is supported by the LTpowerPlay® graphical user interface tool. The output voltage, frequency, phase, and device address can be configured using resistors for operation without programming. Settings may also be written via the serial interface and/or stored in EEPROM. The controlled on-time valley current mode control architecture with 20ns (typical) minimum on-time enables high switching frequency at low output voltage with excellent transient response in a small overall solution size.


  • Silent Switcher2 architecture: enables compact, efficient, low EMI solution
  • PMBus/I2C serial interface
    • Telemetry read back includes VOUT, IOUT, VIN, die temperature, faults
    • Programmable voltage, current limit, digital soft-start/stop, sequencing, UV/OV, phase, frequency (up to 4MHz), loop compensation
    • Integrated EEPROM with fault event log
  • Configuration resistors may set critical parameters for operation without programming
  • ±0.25% output voltage accuracy over temperature for 0.6V to 1.375V
  • PolyPhase load sharing for up to eight phases
  • Wide VIN Range: down to 2.9V, or 1.5V with EXTVCC
  • Up to 95% efficiency at 1MHz, 12VIN to 3.3VOUT
  • VOUT range 0.4V to 5.5V (up to 0.85 • VIN)
  • Differential remote VOUT sense
  • External frequency synchronization
  • 40-lead (5mm × 7mm) LQFN package


  • Communications, storage, and industrial systems
  • Datacenter and solid-state drive power supplies


LTpowerPlay Software
LTpowerPlay® is a powerful, Windows-based development environment supporting Analog Devices' Digital Power System Management (PSM) products.

LTpowerCAD Software
The LTpowerCAD® program is a complete power supply design tool that can significantly ease power supply design. It provides recommendations for component values and performance estimates specific to the user’s application with Analog Devices power products. Also included within the LTpowerCAD platform is LTpowerPlanner®, a system-level power architecture design tool.

Typical Application

Application Circuit Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. LT7182S Dual-Output Step-Down Regulator
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