Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-LTC6228IS8 Eval Board

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-LTC6228IS8 Eval Board is designed to evaluate the LTC6228 low distortion rail-to-rail output op-amps with shutdown. This eval board is a prepopulated board on a buffer configuration with a post low-pass filter at a cut-off frequency of 80MHz. The EVAL-LTC6228IS8 eval board also supports other typical op-amp configurations and has provisions for typical applications of the LTC6228 that include an active filter. This four-layer eval board accepts edge-mounted SMA connectors on both inputs and outputs. This ensures an efficient connection to the test equipment and other circuitry. The EVAL-LTC6228IS8 board offers sufficient test points for signal pins and groundings while optimized power and ground planes ensure low noise and high-speed operation. This eval board accepts C0402 or C0603 SMT components and C1206 bypass capacitors for C8 and C9.


  • Enables efficient prototyping
  • User-defined circuit configuration
  • Edge mounted SMA connector provisions
  • Simple connection to test equipment and other circuits
  • RoHS compliant

Required Equipment

  • Dual output DC power supply
  • Signal generator
  • Three banana plug to grabber cables
  • Two SMA to BNC males cables


Schematic - Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-LTC6228IS8 Eval Board


Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-LTC6228IS8 Eval Board
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