Analog Devices Inc. ADXL35x Evaluation Boards

Analog Devices ADXL35x Evaluation Boards enable a quick performance evaluation of the ADXL35x low-noise, low-power, 3-axis, MEMS accelerometers. The EVAL-ADXL354BZ generates analog output to support a ±2g or ±4g accelerometer, and the EVAL-ADXL354CZ generates analog output to support a ±2g or ±8g accelerometer. The EVAL-ADXL355Z is designed to generate digital output to support a ±2g, ±4g, or ±8g accelerometer. These evaluation boards are well-suited for the evaluation of the ADXL354 and ADXL355 accelerometers in an existing system. This is due to the evaluation board's stiffness and small size, which minimizes the effect of the evaluation board on both the system and acceleration measurements. The EVAL-ADXL356/EVAL-ADXL357 evaluation boards are designed to evaluate the ADXL356 and ADXL357 3-axis MEMS accelerometers.

EVAL-ADXL355-PMDZ Evaluation/Prototyping Board
Analog Devices EVAL-ADXL355-PMDZ is a low-noise, low-drift PMOD-compatible evaluation/prototyping board for 3-axis accelerometer sensor measurement. When used for prototyping, the EVAL-ADXL355-PMDZ works in conjunction with the ADICUP360 or the ADICUP3029 development platform. Direct electrical and physical connections enable designers to get started quickly with hardware and software development.

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