Analog Devices Inc. ADTR1107 Front-End ICs

Analog Devices Inc. ADTR1107 Front-End ICs are compact, 6GHz to 18GHz, and are ideal for phased array antenna or radar applications. The ADTR1107 includes an integrated power amplifier, low noise amplifier (LNA), and a reflective single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch.

The ADTR1107 Front-End ICs offer 25dBm of saturated output power (PSAT) and 22dB small-signal gain in a transmit state, as well as 18dB small-signal gain and 2.5dB noise figure in a receive state. Additionally, the device has a directional coupler for power detection and input/outputs (I/Os) that are internally matched to 50Ω.

The ADTR1107 is available in a 5mm × 5mm, 24-terminal, land grid array (LGA) package.


  • Operates from 6GHz to 18GHz
  • 25dBm typical transmit state PSAT
  • 22dB typical transmit state small signal gain
  • 18dB typical receive state small signal gain
  • 2.5dB typical receive state noise figure
  • Coupled power amplifier output for power detection


  • Phased array antenna
  • Military radar
  • Weather radar
  • Communication links
  • Electronic warfare

Functional Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADTR1107 Front-End ICs

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