Analog Devices Inc. ADP7104 LDO Linear Regulators

Analog Devices ADP7104 CMOS, Low Dropout (LDO), Linear Regulators operate in the 3.3V-20V input voltage range and offer up to a 500mA output current. Developed with an advanced proprietary architecture, ADP7104 regulators provide high-power supply rejection and low-noise performance. A small 1μF ceramic output capacitor gives the ADP7104 LDOs excellent line and load transient response rates.

The ADP7104 series features both fixed and adjustable output voltage versions. The fixed-voltage versions range from 1.5V to 9V and have a low noise rating of 15μVrms. The adjustable version offers an adjustable output voltage range of 1.22V to VIN − VDO. 

A power-good indicator allows power monitors to check the output voltage. A programmable, precision undervoltage lockout function enables the sequencing of multiple power supplies. 

The ADP7104 regulators are housed in 8-lead, 3mm × 3mm LFCSP, and 8-lead SOIC packages. The LFCSP package offers designers a compact solution with excellent thermal performance. This package is ideal for applications that require a small, low-profile footprint and up to 500mA of output current. As high-input voltage LDOs, the ADP7104 regulators are well-suited for the regulation of high-performance analog and mixed-signal circuits that operate using 19V to 1.22V rails.


  • Input voltage range: 3.3V to 20V
  • Maximum output current: 500mA
  • Low noise: 15μVrms for fixed output versions
  • PSRR performance of 60dB at 10kHz, VOUT = 3.3V
  • Reverse current protection
  • Low dropout voltage: 350mV at 500mA
  • Initial accuracy: ±0.8%
  • Accuracy over line, load, and temperature: −2%/+1%
  • Low quiescent current (VIN = 5V), IGND= 900μA with 500mA load
  • Low shutdown current: <40μA at VIN = 12V, stable with small 1μF ceramic output capacitor
  • 7 fixed output voltage options: 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, 5V, and 9V
  • Adjustable output from 1.22V to VIN − VDO
  • Foldback current limit and thermal overload protection
  • User-programmable precision UVLO/enable
  • Power-good indicator
  • 8-lead LFCSP and 8-lead SOIC packages


  • Regulation to noise-sensitive applications: ADC, DAC circuits, precision amplifiers, high-frequency oscillators, clocks, and PLLs
  • Communications and infrastructure
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Industrial and instrumentation

Application Circuits

Analog Devices Inc. ADP7104 LDO Linear Regulators

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