Analog Devices Inc. ADMV1014 Microwave Downconverters

Analog Devices Inc. ADMV1014 Microwave Downconverters are silicon germanium (SiGe), wideband, microwave downconverters optimized for point-to-point microwave radio designs operating in the 24GHz to 44GHz frequency range. The downconverters are also ideal for radar and electronic warfare systems, and instrumentation and automatic test equipment. The devices are capable of direct quadrature demodulation to baseband in-phase (I)/quadrature (Q) output signals, and image rejection downconversion to a complex intermediate frequency (IF) output carrier frequency.


  • 24GHz to 44GHz wideband RF input frequency range
  • 2 x downconversion modes
  • Direct conversion from RF to baseband I/Q
  • Image rejecting downconversion to complex IF
  • 5.4GHz to 10.25GHz LO input frequency range
  • LO quadrupler for up to 41GHz
  • Matched 50Ω, single-ended RF input, and complex IF outputs
  • Image rejection optimization
  • Option between matched 100Ω balanced or 50Ω single-ended LO inputs
  • 100Ω balanced baseband I/Q output impedance with adjustable output common-mode voltage level
  • Square law power detector for setting mixer input power
  • Variable attenuator for receiver power control
  • Programmable via a 4-wire SPI interface
  • 32-terminal, 5mm × 5mm LGA package
  • -40°C to +85°C case temperature range


  • Point-to-point microwave radios
  • Radar, electronic warfare systems
  • Instrumentation, automatic test equipment (ATE)

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADMV1014 Microwave Downconverters
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