Analog Devices Inc. ADAU1452 SigmaDSP Digital Audio Processor

Analog Devices Inc. ADAU1452 SigmaDSP Digital Audio Processor is automotive-qualified and far exceeds the digital signal processing capabilities of earlier SigmaDSP® devices. Its restructured hardware architecture is optimized for efficient audio processing. 

The audio processing algorithms are realized in sample-by-sample and block-by-block paradigms, which can both be executed simultaneously in a signal processing flow created using the graphical programming tool, SigmaStudio™. The new digital signal processor (DSP) core architecture enables some types of audio processing algorithms to be executed using significantly fewer instructions than were required on previous SigmaDSP generations, leading to vastly improved code efficiency.


  • Qualified for automotive applications
  • Fully programmable audio DSP for enhanced sound processing
  • Features SigmaStudio, a proprietary graphical programming tool for the development of custom signal flows
  • 294.912MHz, 32-bit SigmaDSP core at 1.2V
  • Up to 6144SIMD instructions per sample at 48kHz
  • 40kWords of parameter/data RAM
  • Up to 800ms digital audio delay pool at 48kHz
  • Audio I/O and routing
  • 4 serial input ports, 4 serial output ports
  • 48-channel, 32-bit digital I/O up to a sample rate of 192kHz
  • Flexible configuration for TDM, I2S, left and right justified formats, and PCM
  • Up to 8 stereo ASRCs from 1:8 up to 7.75:1 ratio and 139dB DNR
  • Stereo S/PDIF input and output


  • Automotive ProcessingHead Units
    • Navigation Systems
    • Rear seat entertainment systems
    • DSP amplifiers
  • Commercial and professional audio processing

ADAU1452 Block Diagram

Analog Devices Inc. ADAU1452 SigmaDSP Digital Audio Processor


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