Analog Devices Inc. AD8029/AD8030/AD8040 Rail-to-Rail I/O Amplifiers

Analog Devices Inc. AD8029/AD8030/AD8040 High-Speed Rail-to-Rail Input/Output Amplifiers were developed using Analog Devices' proprietary XFCB process. The XFCB process enables the AD8029/AD8030/AD8040 Amplifiers to deliver excellent, high-speed performance using a low power supply. The AD8029/AD8030/AD8040 Amplifiers include single/dual/quad rail-to-rail input and output amplifiers with a quiescent current of only 1.3mA per amplifier. Despite their low power consumption, the AD8029/AD8030/AD8040 AD8029/AD8030/AD8040 amplifiers offer high performance with a 125MHz small signal bandwidth and 60V/μs slew rate. 

In addition, the AD8029/AD8030/AD8040 Amplifiers exhibit true single-supply operation with rail-to-rail input and output performance for 2.7V to 12V supply voltages. The input voltage range extends 200mV beyond each rail without phase reversal. The output dynamic range extends to within 40mV of each rail. Excellent signal quality is achieved with minimal power dissipation. At G = +1, SFDR is –72dBc at 1MHz and settling time to 0.1% is only 80ns. Low distortion and fast settling performance make the AD8029/AD8030/AD8040 Amplifiers ideal for drivers for single-supply analog-to-digital converters.


  • Qualified for automotive applications
  • 1.3mA supply current/amplifier
  • High Speed
    • 125MHz, –3dB bandwidth (G = +1)
    • 60V/μs slew rate
    • 80ns settling time to 0.1%
  • Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
    • No phase reversal, inputs 200mV beyond rails
  • 2.7V to 12V supply range
  • 6mV maximum offset voltage
  • Low input bias current
  • +0.7μA to –1.5μA
  • Small packaging
    • SOIC-8, SC70-6, SOT23-8, SOIC-14, TSSOP-14


  • Automotive safety and vision systems
  • Battery-powered instrumentation
  • Filters
  • A-to-D drivers
  • Buffering
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