Analog Devices Inc. AD717x Low-Power Sigma-Delta ADCs

Analog Devices AD717x family provides a complete integrated Sigma-Delta ADC solution. Designers can use the AD717x ADCs in high-precision, low-noise, single-channel applications as well as higher-speed multiplexed applications. The Analog Devices AD717x Sigma-Delta ADCs are primarily intended for the measurement of signals close to DC, but the devices also deliver outstanding performance with input bandwidths out to ~10kHz.


  • 5SPS to 250kSPS fast and flexible output rate
  • Channel scan data rate of 50kSPS/channel (20µs settling)
  • Performance Specifications
    • 17.2 Noise-free bits @ 250kSPS
    • 20 Noise-free bits @ 2.5kSPS
    • 24 Noise-free bits@ 20SPS
    • INL: ±1ppm of FSR
  • 85dB rejection of 50Hz and 60Hz with 50ms settling
  • User Configurable Input Channels
    • 2 Fully differential channels or 4 single-ended channels
    • Crosspoint multiplexer
  • On-chip 2.5V reference (±2ppm/°C drift)
  • True rail-to-rail analog and reference input buffers


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