ams OSRAM M3-FS Focus Module

ams OSRAM M3-FS Focus Module provides high-resolution lens motion and excellent dynamic stability to the smallest embedded optical systems in handheld and portable instruments. Designed as a miniature "plug and play" solution, this module offers a closed-loop motion solution complete with an embedded controller. This module does not require more space than a typical fixed lens mount. The M3-FS Focus Module requires very low power to move the lens and zero power to hold the lens in any position. ams OSRAM M3-FS Focus Module accepts a 3.3V supply and simple high-level commands from the user's system processor. The low-power operation makes the M3-FS ideal for battery-powered devices.


  • Tiny all-in-one solution
    • No external control board needed
  • Superior image quality
    • Sub-micron lens movement with very low tilt
    • M3-FS has higher dynamic stability than earlier models
  • Low voltage and power
    • 3.3VDC input, zero power position hold
  • Fully engineered plug-and-play solution
  • Simple system integration
    • Accepts high-level motion commands directly from your system processor over standard serial interface (I²C or SPI)
  • Flexible, production-ready system
    • Accepts M8 to M16 lenses
    • Compatible with typical image formats from 1/3" to 1/1.8"


  • In-vitro diagnostics
  • Robotic inspection
  • Miniature microscopes
  • Surveillance
  • Remote sensing
  • Biometric identification
  • Imaging arrays
  • Process control
  • Machine vision
  • Guidance, targeting, and UAVs


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