ams OSRAM EGA2000 Industrial High Power Flood Illuminators

ams OSRAM EGA2000 Industrial High Power Flood Illuminators are composed of a VCSEL die and a micro-lens array (MLA). These are embedded in a package assembled with ams' state-of-the-art component manufacturing processes. The MLA enables an optimized field of illumination for different options of field of view of cameras depending on the applications: narrow, wide, and ultra-wide.


  • At 850nm and 940nm with 3 options of a field of illumination
  • Fitting with indoor and outdoor applications as well as targeted imaging sensors quantum efficiency
  • Small package size 4.1mm x 4.1mm x 1.38mm ±0.100mm
  • 4W optical power in a pulsed and quasi-continuous wave
  • High power conversion efficiency
  • Easy component mounting
  • Standard lead-free solder reflow compatible
  • Uniform power distribution 100% tested for uniformity in the far-field
  • Full traceability Unit level track with 2D barcode


  • Factory automation like machine vision, volume measurement
  • Home automation like smart cleaning robot, smart robotic chef, smart speaker
  • Smart city like smart banking, contactless access control, delivery robot
  • Entertainment like night vision for war games, object avoidance, avatar

Block Diagram


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