Amphenol Sine Systems Motion Control DSL Cable Assemblies

Amphenol Sine Systems Motion Control DSL Cable Assemblies are single motor cables designed specifically for servo motors with the Hiperface DSL interface. These cables use a shield tinned copper braid in a polyurethane jacket to provide IP67 protection (when mated) in temperatures ranging from -40° to +105°C. Amphenol Sine Systems DSL Cable Assemblies are offered in 18AWG and 14AWG in lengths of 3m, 5m, 10m, 15m, and 20m. The motion control DSL cable assemblies feature M23 DinStyle Checkmate Connectors, which provide a superior anti-vibration coupling system and quick locking reliability. This line of 1000V hybrid cables is equipped with two feedback conductors (for digital communication) as well as drive-end flying leads.


  • M23 DinStyle Checkmate Connectors
    • Enhanced anti-vibration, dual-ratcheting coupling system
    • Intermateable and compatible with other M23 quick-coupling products
    • Distinctive alignment arrows with lock / unlock identifiers for a solid connection
    • Quick-locking reliability, 1/8th turn locks the connector vs. traditional threaded style coupling
    • Functional design allows for rapid orientation with tactile, visual, and audible confirmation
    • Vibration and shock tested up to 20g (vibration) and 50g (shock)
    • Secure connection ensures signal integrity and longer contact life
  • DSL Cable Assemblies
    • Shield tinned copper braid for complete shielding
    • IP67 protection (in mated condition)
    • 18AWG and 14AWG available
    • cULus AWM 80°C 100V-AWM I/II A/B 80°C 1000V FT1
    • Orange RAL2003 jacket color
    • Polyurethane jacket material
    • Shield tinned copper braid for complete shielding

Connector Design

Amphenol Sine Systems Motion Control DSL Cable Assemblies
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