Amphenol RF SMPM Micro-Miniature Connectors

Amphenol RF SMPM Micro-Miniature Connectors are ideal for high-frequency board-to-board applications up to 65GHz and in cable solutions optimized to meet the frequency limits of the cable. These connectors feature a snap-on mating style similar to SMP connectors. The PCB connectors offer surface-mount, through-hole leg, or edge-mount terminations. Users can pair these connectors with SMPM bullet adapters for blind-mate situations and to achieve a minimum PCB spacing of 8.65mm. The cable connectors come in straight or right-angle configurations for 0.047" and 0.086" diameter semi-rigid and conformable cables, as well as RG-178 flexible coaxial cable. Amphenol RF SMPM Micro-Miniature Connectors are ideal for a range of precision and miniaturized applications, including antennas, handheld radios, military communication systems, and instrumentation and measurement equipment.


  • DC to 65GHz RF performance
  • Small package size
  • Three-piece board-to-board design
    • Full detent PCB
    • Smoothbore PCB
    • Bullet adapter
    • Ideal for blindmating
  • Cable connector options
    • Straight and right-angle configurations
    • Semi-rigid and flexible cables
  • Push-on and snap-on mating styles for quick installation
  • 8.65mm board-to-board minimum spacing
  • 50Ω impedance


  • Antennas
  • Handheld radios
  • Military communication systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Measurement equipment
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