Amphenol RF 12G MCX Connectors

Amphenol RF 12G MCX Connectors support data rates up to 12Gbps, enabling the transmission of high-resolution uncompressed video signals. The series provides 4K and ultra-HD quality signals in a micro-miniature package size and is ideal for broadcast modules and video routers. Amphenol RF 12G SDI 75Ω MCX interconnect solutions are available as PCB connectors with edge-mount, straight, and right-angle configurations or as cable connectors for an industry-standard Belden 4855R cable. These 12G MCX connectors operate in a -65°C to +165°C temperature range.


  • 12Gbps performance per SMPTE standard
  • One channel for 4K or ultra-HD quality
  • Variety of PCB and cable products
  • Familiar push-on coupling mechanism


  • 4K/8K video cameras
  • Mobile broadcast
  • Digital signage
  • Video encoders
  • Remote viewing
  • Video routers


  • DC to 12GHz frequency range
  • Return loss
    • 1.22 (20dB) maximum (DC to 6GHz)
    • 1.43 (15dB) maximum (6GHz to 12GHz)
  • 75Ω impedance
  • 500VRMS minimum dielectric withstanding voltage
  • -65°C to +165°C operating temperature range
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