Amphenol Advanced Sensors NTC Thermistors - Glass

Amphenol Advanced Sensors NTC Thermistors offer increased stability and robustness. These glass-coated thermistors are hermetically sealed, making them ideal for applications over 150°C. A wide range of sizes and response time values are available, as well as an extensive range of resistances and beta values. 


  • SMD-diode MELF
    • Tmax 250°C
    • Suitable for harsh environments and soldering profiles
  • Glass-encapsulated beads
    • Robust, hermetically sealed
    • Tmax 300°C
    • Interchangeable matched pairs available
    • Some models with an intermittent operation to 600°C
  • DO-35 package
    • Tmax 300ºC
    • Hermetically sealed
    • High voltage insulation
    • Bandoliered for auto PCB insertion


  • SMD diode MELF
    • SMD Circuitry
  • Glass-encapsulated beads
    • Liquid level sensing
    • Gas flow measurement
    • Fluid temperature
    • Pulse suppression
  • DO-35 package
    • Battery packs
    • Toasters
    • Automotive transmissions
    • Smoke detectors
    • Environmental control
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