Alorium Technology SnōMākr Breakout Board

Alorium Technology SnōMākr Breakout Board features onboard Future Technology Devices International (FTDI) driver and voltage regulators. This allows connectivity with existing mini-USB cables and power adapters for XLR8, Arduino Uno, or other development platforms. The SnōMākr breakout board works in conjunction with the Snō FPGA module and is compatible with 3.3V Arduino shields. This breakout board matches the Arduino Uno R3 layout and can be programmed via USB. The SnōMākr breakout board assists efficient prototyping with Snō by providing access to signal I/O in a familiar layout.


  • 3-inch x 2.1-inch dimensions
  • Matches Arduino Uno R3 layout
  • Extra pin header for additional 18 digital I/O
  • Snō board footprint vias for flexible connectivity options
  • USB FTDI interface to Snō board
  • Arduino compatible
  • A/C power adapter barrel jack
  • 5VDC to 16VDC input voltage range
  • Digital I/O:
    • 32 dedicated digital pins 
    • Six shared digitally with analog pins
    • 3.3V inputs
    • 3.3V outputs
  • Analog Inputs:
    • Six analog pins
    • 3.3V inputs
    • 1MHz ADC performance
    • 12-bit sustained resolution
    • 254k samples per second sample rate


Zveřejněno: 2018-04-25 | Aktualizováno: 2022-07-19