Adafruit LPS22 Pressure Sensor

Adafruit LPS22 Pressure Sensor is designed to measure the air pressure that is useful to determine the weather and the altitude. This sensor features 260hPa to 1260hPa measurement range and 24-bit pressure data measurements that reads up to 75 times a second (Hz). The LPS22 sensor comes with 2mm x 2mm dimensions and provides the ability to measure absolute pressure within 0.1hPa after one-point calibration (±1hPa before calibration). This sensor is available on a breakout board with level shifting circuitry and a voltage regulator.


  • Embedded temperature compensation
  • Embedded FIFO
  • SPI and I2C interfaces
  • Small and thin package
  • 20x full-scale high overpressure capability
  • 260hPa to 1260hPa absolute pressure range
  • 24-bit pressure data output
  • 16-bit temperature data output
  • 1Hz to 75Hz ODR range
  • 22,000g high shock survivability
Zveřejněno: 2020-08-13 | Aktualizováno: 2022-03-11