3M Electronic Specialty Scotchlok™ IDC Connectors

3M Electronic Specialty Scotchlok™ IDC Connectors offer quick installation, high reliability, and an ease-of-use design. These connectors incorporate a full wire range capability, an increased port size that accommodates up to 4.82mm insulation sizes, and a solvent-resistance plastic construction. The ease-of-use design means there is no need for stripping or twisting. 3M Electronic Specialty Scotchlok IDC Connectors are for use in fluorescent ballast installation and replacement, fixture and appliance wiring, automotive and marine wiring, and control circuit wiring.


  • Ease-of-use design
  • UL listed or CSA certified
  • Quick installation
  • Full wire range capability
  • Increased port size up to 4.82mm accommodation
  • Double "U" elements
  • Solvent-resistant plastic construction


  • Fluorescent ballast installation and replacement
  • Fixture and appliance wiring
  • Automotive and marine wiring
  • Control circuit wiring

Connector Uses


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